Adeye Needs YOUR Help!!

Hello friends,

I’m copying the rest of this blog post DIRECTLY from my wonderful friend, Adeye Salem.

If you are hesitant about contacting her and donating an item she is asking for, please please PLEASE explore older posts on her blog.  You will be able to see the children who have been saved from dying alone because she is obeying God’s call to do all she can to get them home.


urgent. urgent. urgent.

Today my heart is in a million pieces.  I am speechless.  Absolutely speechless!
I simply cannot sit back and do nothing.  I will regret it forever.  So I’m jumping in with many others to try and help. 
I’m on a mission–more urgent than any I have ever taken on before.  Others are getting on board too, word is spreading, and this is fast becoming a community effort.
But I need some help ASAP. 
I’m looking for donated items again.  Sadly, this time is very different–time has never been so crucial.  There is no time to spend days and days putting together a massive fundraiser like I did for Vanya
I’m in need of a few bigger items–like an iPad, iPod, Kindle, Nook…anything like that.
If you, or anyone you know, is willing to jump in with me and donate an item to be used in a giveaway, please let me know ASAP and I will give you details.  Trust me–your hearts will break too.
I’m hoping to have a post up and running really soon. 
Please pray with me that the God of the universe will move mountains.


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