Today in School…

As I sit and type this, we are halfway through our school day.  The kids are playing outside (the weather is PERFECT I may add!!) and in a bit we’ll go in for lunch then I’ll prepare for the second half of the day.  Sometimes I prepare are night, sometimes the day of-with HEART OF DAKOTA it’s basically that easy.  I’m positive with KONOS I’m on the right track with planning 1-2 weeks ahead. 

Since I haven’t uploaded a picture post in a while-these are my children in school.  Really, I couldn’t imagine life any other way-sending them off and having someone impersonal teach them and not love every moment of it like I am.  (well, I don’t love EVERY moment all the time, but really-amazing doesn’t even describe how much I love home schooling my children.

Now…on to the pictures!!


They are taking their animals on a walk of the letter E.  Alexander obviously doesn’t need this-but the rest of them do.


In one of the “classes” (I can’t remember if it was prek with Mayah or some K with David (they all join in most of the activities together) we learned about Joseph giving his brothers food.  David got to be Joseph (as you can see in the picture on the left, he is LOVING it) and we lined up 10 animals (and counted them in sign language) and each child had to take an animal to Joseph and Joseph said, “why are you here?” and they all replied, “to buy food”  (Mayah only had to say, “food”) and they all bowed with their animals.  Alexander made a comment they were going to play this game later.  I love them!


We also learned about Rahab and the wall-the scarlet rope-Jericho.  So…I drew bricks on their papers and made “mortar” (toothpaste, glue and shaving cream) and put them in zip-loc baggies.  When it was time, each child had to “mix” their mortar and then I cut a corner off the bag and they put on the mortar in between the bricks like icing.  Surprisingly enough Gage did not need a bath when he was done.  Afterwards, we glued a rope to the wall. 


Alexander was reading a Bible story to his brothers and sister before we went outside to play.

I’m so excited to start KONOS-the library has called with some of our books being ready.  I’m sure they’ll be calling for the next few days as they all filter in.  I am pretty sure I have everything (except the books) to start our first week. 


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