Keeping Up

Pinterest. I had NO IDEA what it was up until two weeks or so ago. Now it’s where I get all my ideas.  From foods, to the awesome advent devotional we are doing nightly with the kids after dinner, to crafts and Christmas presents for my friends…it’s amazing.  I also love the “pin it” toolbar added so I can easily pin things to my own board for future reference as I’m out an about in the cyber world.

So, on days (like tonight) when I’m prepping for a specialist appt, and the bedtime chapter in our new book was a bit longer then normal, and I don’t want to upload any pictures from my phone to update my blog—check out what I’ve pinned on Pinterest  and you’ll see what we’ve been  up to.

We are all enjoying not schooling in December and spending the time in absolutely blissful family time.  It was a great idea to start in July to have this month off to focus on the real reason for the season.

BTW, in case you haven’t yet—PLEASE get the $4.99 ebook Truth in the Tinsel

it’s so totally worth it.  I’m hoping to grab some more time this week to really dive into it-I know there’s some things I haven’t done yet.

oh and come find me on Pinterest


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