Adventures in Advent

Oh wow.  Please have you gotten the ebook I’ve suggested yet?


We have done 2 days so far (third one is tonight)  I know we’re behind but we’ll catch up.

For us it’s about the family time-concentrating on Jesus and the growing excitement of celebrating his birth.  Which always makes me think about Easter.  My most favorite holiday. 

Here are a few pics of our adventures in Advent:


This was day 1 (I think we started on day  3 in the book) where Zecharias became mute.  So we made 4 Zecharias’ . 

The next day Gage says, “Zecharias couldn’t talk because Jesus punched him in the mouth.”

I think Gage needs to hear that story again.  Clearly he was not paying attention.  Seriously, I’m just excited my two year old knows some characters in the Bible, sees his family reading the Bible and sharing the times together.  The Biblical details will all come out with exposure. 


David was waiting to start day 2’s activity-however we still needed to read the story first.


We talked about Gabriel-so we made angels.  I hot glued some hooks to the back and the kids hung them up on the tree.


After we made the angels, we made apple cider floats.  You find them on my Pinterest board. 


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