A new Time4Learning Review

I’ve done a review before for Time4learning.com  However this one is betterWinking smile

We returned to T4L a few weeks ago for Alexander and David.  In  an effort to minimize daily stressors with 7 children under 8.  Oh yes, I said 7 children under 8.  Currently our children are:  1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 6, 8.  We have a placement of 3 foster children.  That’s all I can say about them.  Laws won’t let us post any more info. 

First off, I have incorporated the wonderful spelling lists for 1st grade provided right from the parents section in t4l directly into spellingcity.com  Each week I make a list of 10 words from the provided list from t4l (which I printed and put on my fridge for easy reference) and assign Alexander 10 activities to do with spellingcity.com  daily. 

Second, t4l also provides a reading list to coincide with each chapter in their lessons.  I place a request with our local library from the provided t4l list and each week the children read the books during their quiet times and  Dan and I read a book before bed.  I love that T4L provides the lists making our days go very smoothly. 

This time around, I have printed the lesson planner and also posted on the fridge so I know how many of which subjects to give out daily.  It really only took a few minutes to print out and compute how many assignments per subject daily.

Have I mentioned yet how easy T4l is?

Alexander is retaining all of his daily assignments and we are able to discuss at the dinner table what he has learning throughout his lessons.  It takes him a few short hours to complete his work in the morning.

To simplify things even more; I’ve ordered both boys Barnes and Noble’s Nook  Color.  The Nook also has a “read to me” feature that we can get library books downloaded to and they can enjoy some school books that way as well.  With 7 young children-I work to give each child one on one attention and they are also learning to work independently.

I grab a Bible verse from Heart of Dakota’s lessons plans and Alexander does his handwriting that way-we also grab Bible lessons from HOD as well.  Time4Learning doesn’t give their 1st graders history/social studies assignments.  We are reading through HOD’s history books this year.   I’m excited to see how T4L does history.

Each  day I check Alexander’s work.  Anything that has  a score of 89% or less must be re-done.  I’m able to view his grades and see which assignment number I need to re-assign to him.  I did send an email to Time4learning.com today asking a few questions.  I hope to update with their answers shortly.

#1 Time4Learning has a section where you can “assign” your students their work.  I know I have asked in the past about this feature-I believe it has something to do with another company.  I would LOVE to see T4L subscribers have access to this feature-it would be incredibly handy.  The second question was, there are some days that I simply don’t check his work-if I don’t check his work that day-I’m unable to make the reports section backdate.   Rendering me unable to have him review past work needing improvement.  I’m hoping I’m doing something wrong-I’ll be sure to update that response as well. 

I did this review on my own.  The first time I did a review (albeit a poor one) I was paid $25 from T4L.  This time, I wanted to give a more detailed review and express how simple it is even when you have a house full of young children.

We are paying $34.95 a month to have two children use Time4Learning.com  when you add up the curriculum you would purchase elsewhere, this is an economical way to go!  Not to mention, you do not need to have all of the money up front to get started.  I absolutely LOVE time4learning.com.  My children (almost) never whine when it’s time to start school.  Alexander often does more than the required work daily and he and David enjoy playing on the ‘”playground” together when the other kids are napping.

Way to go Time4Learning.com!


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  1. Love ya, Tammy! It sounds like you are doing great with home school AND that your house is truly hopping! It’s so cool you are doing foster care.
    Joy McClain

  2. Hi my dear, I am so happy to have found you again 🙂 I lost track and it seems your family has grown by a mile! That is awesome!!!! I just wanted to check on all of you and see how everyone is doing???
    Stacey Merrifield

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