Monthly Archives: March 2012


Our foster children were returned to their parents last week.   I can’t believe how  quiet it is around here with just four children.

And we love it.

We’re not sure if  we’re going to do that again, we’re taking a break for sure. 

We’ve made many changes around here, and our household is running  smoother every day.

I’m not sure how long I’ll blog-but I felt like it today-so we’ll go with it.

I’m starting to do meal planning and buy groceries accordingly.  What a time, money, and sanity saver!

Check out good  cheap eats!  I have been a  subscriber to the Life As Mom site for a while-only  recently did I feel the nudging to jump over to good cheap eats and see what I could learn there.   I’m glad I did.

I’ll be pinning what we’re eating on my Pinterest Board.

School is going ever so well.  The boys  are exceling and we love spending the  sweet time together. 

We’ve made great changes and tried quite a few many things this year and it’s been competely worth it.  We’ve found our niche…at least for now.   So we’ll go with it.

Once our books arrive, we are starting Biblioplan.   I’ve read the companion and the family guide they provide and I’m so excited at what we are going to cover while learning about God’s world.

Speaking of God’s world, we’ve also switched to Apologia Science.   Absolutely amazing!  And since my children are so young, we have the wonderful liberty of doing even less than the daily suggestions and working 5 days a week  instead of two.  Next school year (which starts Mid July for us!) we will be using Sonlight Language  Arts as well.  Though I’m planning on dipping into it in end April when our subscription for Time4Learning ends.   We will miss TIme4Learning-but it was because of what we used from T4L we were able to make concrete plans and move forward together.  If you are new to Homeschooling, I highly suggest checking out what Time4Learning has to offer.

My wonderful husband has also started running with me.   What a cherished time to spend together.  He’s also started Herbalife as well!!

**if you’re interested in losing weight PLEASE contact me, I’ll be so glad to help you get started on a great path to taking better care of yourself and looking great!!**


I started herbalife one year ago and I’m down  5 pant sizes.  Up until recently I worked out 6 days a week…time stressors have taken hold and I have to pull back a bit, I’m okay with that. 

Dan and I both drink 2 shakes every day and use the supplements as well as snacking on Herbalife’s protein bars.  There are such a variety of flavors to make, I’ve become quite a shake chef myself;)   With Dan starting to run and fully committing to Herbalife, I think the weight will start to fall of him.  Currently, I run 3 times a week (or more!) and cross train with P90X Abs and also I use the arm workout.  I have the entire P90x system but finding the time has proven a challenge and I love love LOVE to run, so I had to make a choice.  It’s a great program to cross train though. 

I hope to add pics of the kids If I blog over the next few days…or week(s).