Science center Visit

This entire school year has been an experiment.  That’s the joy of home schooling, I suppose.  This week we  started (finally) started  BIBLIOPLAN and it’s  amazing!  Please click the button on the side of my  blog and  check it out for yourself.

We are LOVING Apologia’s Astronomy.  Last week we went to the Carnegie  Science  Center for a field  trip.  Thankfully, Mayah’s school let her  join us for  an educational field trip.  We had a wonderful time.  A  few weeks ago we bought a membership to the museum.  Best investment ever.  We got a membership for all  6 of us plus Dan’s mom.  She joined us an had an equally wonderful time.   Also, with the membership, we get free admission to over 300 other Science  Center’s around the country.   Hello Baltimore!!  Hello Virginia (that trip is booked!!) we are also planning regular returns to the  science center.   Definitely getting our money’s worth. 


David, Gage and I enjoyed some time at the planetarium


Mayah, Gage, Alexander and I did the hurricane tunnel.


I did some crazy unicycle thing…scary!


The kids and I were human yo-yo’s


Gage and David had fun at the Explorer Junior area waiting for their brother, sister, Dad and Nana to finish up at the tornado imax


Group Photo

Apparently that’s all the pics I took of that day.  I was busy doing “sciency things” I suppose.

The children have all requested a quick return to the science center.  We are going again shortly.

We also booked a trip to Virginia (thanks, Priceline!)   Our membership gets us into the Virginia Air and Space Museum free also.  We are taking advantage and grabbing a getaway this summer.  Since we school year round-a summer field trip fits into our schedule perfectly.

As a side note, I registered for my first 10k next month.   I’m so excited. 

Also, a reason to celebrate:  Dan experienced noticeable weight loss!!  I did a page comparing his first picture on March 26th and a picture I took last night and it’s so noticeable.  I’m so proud of him!  He’s doing the couch to 5k program as well as HERBALIFE.  It was encouraging for him to see the difference exercise and proper diet can do.  Go Dan!!

We got our HERBALIFE order in yesterday.  This time we added the supplements and the protein bars.  Chocolate and coconut bars, YUMMY!  I’m so happy to have a partner in running and Herbalife after a year of going solo. 


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