Spelling Bee and Stonehenge

The wonderful freedom we have in homeschooling is amazing.  We school year round in this house-July to June.  We take short days and even weeks off when we want.   In December we really slow the pace to concentrate on being together for the Christmas season-this week-we officially finished our bookwork on Wednesday.  We have a few hands on projects saved for Tonight and Monday/Tuesday.

Yesterday the boys and I build Stonehenge from play dough.  I pinned the play dough recipe on my Pinterest board-check it out.  I made play dough yesterday morning-3 batches of white and 1 green.  In Apologia we are studying astronomy for the year (which is AMAZING!) and Stonehenge was fun to study and theorize about.  Alexander’s own Stonehenge theory is God put Stonehenge in its place at Creation and people were to figure out how to use the stars/seasons together with the stones.  Not a bad theory completely thought up on his own for 6 years old.


Getting started


All Done!


Up  close.

We started out with looking at their Usborne World History  book-then moved on to a google image.  I was pretty impressed for a play dough sculpture!!

Yesterday at our home school co-op was the spelling bee!

Alexander had a written exam as well as oral.  It was very low-key and all the kids did so great.  I’m so proud of all of them.

Alexander won first place for first/second grade!!  He’s even the youngest first grader-so just showing up was an accomplishment-winning was icing on the cake.  I’m glad the  coordinator opened it up to 1st and 2nd graders.  I wanted him to participate for just the experience of the whole thing.  He did so well.  I was worried because practicing at home was painful. 

Way to go Alexander!!


written exam


Oral part

My phone died-so Dan has the pictures of him getting his certificate on his phone.  He’ll have to send them to me.


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