All of us are called


In one way or another-we are ALL called to care for the orphans and widows.  Heck, even if you’re not a Christian you have to admit-children were NOT created to live like this-to live 14 YEARS in an orphanage CRIB… A CRIB!

FAITH is 14 years old.


And my sweet friend, Adeye Salem and her family have graciously stepped up and said yes before God ever asked.  Their yes was a yes before they ever knew the question, before they ever knew the journey their family would go on. 

Please-please go to Adeye’s blog and check out the wonderful goodies people donated to help Faith come home.  They have a great drawing going on RIGHT NOW.  Trust me when I $1 is NOT too small of a donation.  Please sow some seed.  Big seed, small seed-ANY SEED!   It will grow.  God’s cool like that.  Afterall, He created Adam from dust and Eve from rib-multiplying finances to put the lonely into families is a specialty of His. 

I read about Shelley Bedford’s first time meeting Faith, you can do so here.   

Shelley said it best:

“Do you see what the world does to those I love? Do you see what happens to the weak and the vulnerable when My People turn their backs and divert their eyes and say ‘I wasn’t called to do that’ or ‘It isn’t my problem’ or ‘It isn’t my country’? Do you see what the sin of indifference does?”

Now please-I’m begging-please donate



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  1. Tammy, This is Trina Scoda here. We both were in UA at the same time adopting. Long story short, we are looking to adopt again from Priluki in the Chernigov region. Is that the region you adopted from?

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