Help Owen Come Home!

Help Yvonne and Owen!!

My sweet fellow adopter friend, Yvonne Villemure is adopting again.  In 2010 she first brought home her sweet Ladybug, Elina.

Elina made beautiful, blonde Connor a little brother. 

Now it’s Connor’s chance to be a big brother.

Yvonne is totally smitten with her newest addition.  But she needs help raising the last of the funds to bring Owen to his new family.

I’ve recently become a Scentsy Consultant

and I would LOVE to offer Scentsy’s wonderful products to YOU to help bring Owen home.  By heading over to my website:

and clicking on “YVONNE AND OWEN” YOU will help be a part of the adoption miracle of Owen finally finally FINALLY getting to know what it’s like to have brother and a sister and a Mama love him dearly.


For everyone that makes a purchase AND shares either this blog OR Shares about the fundraiser directly linking Yvonne’s Fundraiser on facebook or otherwise-you will be entered into a drawing at the close of the fundraiser for a Scentsy bar of your choice!! 

**If you make a purchase AND SHARE this fundraiser, please comment on the blog so you can be entered into the drawing**

And if you think Scentsy is just warmers and bars…THINK AGAIN FOLKS!!  Scentsy now has lotions, body sprays, perfumes, dryer discs-check it all out.  Their amazing scents can invoke a beautiful warm setting into any home.  Believe me, I know-I use a new scent every day!!


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  1. Thanks so much Tammy for hosting a fundraiser for Owen! Connor and Elina are so excited to have a baby brother!

    I am building a puzzle of a Russian landmark for each item you purchase I will add your name to a puzzle piece so that Owen can see all the love that surrounds him. Please be “a piece” of Owen’s puzzle!

    If anyone would like to follow Owen’s adoption journey, please visit our blog: http://www.withlove

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