Growing….T-shirts….and Pancakes

If you are our friend in real life, or virtual friends on Facebook, chances are high you have heard our news. If you don’t know the news…we are growing…AGAIN!

Dan and I began talking adoption this past Summer. FINALLY, God showed us the child He chose for us. Isn’t she beautiful? Her name is, “Cookie”. She lives in China (for now). She is 9 years old (guesstimated birth date is one month older than Mayah) and she has Down Syndrome.

cookie b

She is perfect.

We are working with Madison Adoption Associates and they are everything (and more) that their reviews say about them.

Practically Perfect in Every Way (Mary Poppins, anyone?)

We have a few fundraisers planned to begin shortly.
One is a t-shirt sale. As of today, our design is being worked on by BONFIRE FUNDS. PLEASE check them out. My high school friend, Ashley Froman told me about her brother in law’s new business venture to help people fundraise a while back. I knew one day we would get to work with Brian, and now is the time. They are effecient and a sheer pleasure to work with.

How will the shirt sales work?
We will have a fund set up online. We NEED to sell 50 t-shirts in 50 days to receive funds for Cookie’s adoption. We will receive $15 per shirt. We will get nothing if we do not reach 50. The shirts are not entirely adoption related so please consider buying one for yourself or someone you know!!
If I am understanding correctly, no one will be charged until our goal of 50 is reached. If you are local please consider getting the money directly to us and we will pay all at once. If you are not local, we will ship you your shirt when it arrives. No added shipping cost! (That’s our thank you!)

This fundraiser is still waiting for the recipient of our 10% donation.

What is that? Dan and I have agreed to donate at least 10% of our fundraising efforts to various causes, churches, missions, adoptions, etc. This one doesn’t have a pair yet. Taking suggestions.

And now…on to Pancakes!!
On New Year’s Day-we are hosting a Pancake brunch at our church Homer City United Methodist in Homer City, PA. From 10:00 am -12:00 PM January 1st, 2013. We will also have a bake sale table for an additional donation. If you would like to donate a baked good, please email me dziagwax6 at gmail dot com. We will have the brunch set up buffet style. We will have a flyer about adoption and our family for people to read. We will also be passing around an order form for interested people to place their orders for their awesome t-shirts! We plan to keep it simple with pancakes, sausage, syrup, OJ, water, and coffee….and possibly jelly bread/toast.
Individual cost: $5
Family (4 or more people): $20

Our beneficiaries for the Pancake brunch are:
Homer City United Methodist
and B. Spencer-she is the daughter of a friend of mine-she is raising money to go on her first international missions trip to Russia!

So far, that is all our news…for now! We will be posting a picture to the blog with the shirts and more information about the pancake brunch as we learn more.

Thanks for following us as we increase…AGAIN.


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