I will have more info up about our LifeSong/Both Hands fundraiser here in the next day or so to cover financial contributions 😉

Lindsey Malone a fellow “Sparkler mama” is the consultant for Scentsy.  ANYONE can currently order from Scentsy, locals just have your items shipped directly to me and save on shipping.  Though I thought I read if orders are over $150 then there’s free shipping?  I’ll have to check. 😉

we are currently organizing a 5k run at Yellow Creek State Park on Saturday July 10th at 9am.  Please join us!!

I figured I’m going to update by adding to the topmost part of the page.  Newest to oldest…

order adoption t-shirts here.  We will be getting our ukraine shirts shortly!!

click on “shop online” then put my name “tammy” in the hosts name.  You can order everything and have it sent to YOU!  We are going to end this April 9th.  So order now!!  (please)

We have been so excited to begin fundraising for this adoption.

Our very first fundraiser was a Gold Canyon Candle Sale.  Molly Raraigh a long time family friend was the demonstrator in charge.  We were able to raise $360 with the fundraiser!  Our second fundraiser has been selling Hershey candy bars.  We bought 1 case which is 4 boxes of 52 bars.  We are almost out of candy bars and I’ve only eaten 3!  (yes, I’ve paid)  When all is said and done with the candy bars we will have a total of $312.  We had to pay $156 for the bars, but it’s 50% profit.  Any money is good money!!

We have been tossing around the idea of putting out a cookbook for mother’s day.  So many people have responded well with providing recipes.

I’ve also started the c25k training program.  Training to run a 5k.  It’s going rather well, and a friend from HS suggested organizing a run to raise money.  Billie, my BFF, put me in touch with a friend of her’s who has organized such runs in the past.  I’m looking forward to that and have a tentative date in September.

Cici’s Pizza has agreed to a fundraising day for us.  I was originally thinking March, but we’re waiting until April after Easter.  We will get 10% of all proceeds from the buffet that day.  Praise the Lord!

A MOPS Mom does Pampered Chef, she has agreed to do a fundraiser with us where we will receive 40% of the sales.  I have people waiting im(patiently) for that one.  I am really hoping that we can do online orders as well for that one.  Many of my Sparkler Moms want to participate in that.

I know that’s not all, but it’s all I can think of and my bed is calling.


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